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【Qware】Stainless Steel Sauce Pump (Single/Double Condiment)

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Dimension: L 18.5 cm x W 18.5 cm x H 23 cm
Capacity: 3 litres

Dimension: L 30.5 cm x W 18.5 cm x H 23 cm
Capacity: 3 litres x 2

Built with high quality stainless steel construction, Qware® Stainless Steel Condiment Pump Dispenser can be relied on to perform greatly at any kitchen or even self-serve stations such as busy bars, food stands, convenience stalls and fast-food services. Your customers will definitely enjoy the convenience of getting their favorite condiments without having to wait in line. This pump is ideal for dispensing smooth condiments such as ketchup and chili sauce.

Stainless Steel Construction
Featuring the high quality stainless steel construction, the condiment pump dispenser is durable and sturdy to withstand daily use.

High Versatility
The condiment pump dispenser is ideal to serve as value-added self-service tools at busy bars, food stands, convenience stalls, fast-food restaurants, or cafeterias.

User Friendly
With the pump’s simple yet practical push design, the users can easily dispense the sauce even with one-handed.

The oxidized sauces may clog up the tubes of the pump over time, making it hard to dispense and finally blocked the dispenser. It is very important to clean them as often as possible. A routine of simple maintenance can keep your condiment pump in good condition for years.

Cleaning the Pump:
Before using and at least once a week, perform the cleaning step below for food hygiene and sanitary.
1. First of all, dispense all remaining sauces or contents from the container.
2. Secondly, remove the pump from container and clean the exterior part of the pump by using soapy water.
Note: The exterior part of the pump is constructed from stainless steel material. Wipe and dry it with a soft and damp cloth after washing.
3. Flush the pump by immersing the tube in warm soapy water (approximately 55˚C - 60˚C) and continuously pump until no more residue to be seen to be flushed out from the pump itself.
Note: Avoid from using liquid or powder detergent that could potentially corrode the stainless steel body, such as those with high concentrations of acid, alkali or chlorine.
4. Replace the warm soapy water with clean water and continuously pump until only clean and pure water is dispensed.
5. Before the reuse of the pump, it is recommended to have at least three (3) strokes of the pump plunger. This step is to expel the raw water droplets from the tube, so as to avoid the contamination of food. However, for food safety consideration, you are not suggested to reuse the primed sauces.
Note: When reusing a pump, it is highly recommended to use for the same flavor as previously to avoid flavor transfer from taking place.


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